Calvary Chapel: Another Wave Of The Spirit Or A Wave Of Deception?

It was my absolute pleasure to finally meet Roger Oakland at this year’s Great Lakes Prophecy Conference in Appleton Wisconsin over the weekend. Roger and many other excellent speakers gathered at the same Calvary Chapel church that I reported has separated from the Calvary Chapel Association in Costa Mesa, Calif., due to the rampant red flags over embracing apostate teachings – and teachers.  Those in this organization who are standing strong and speaking out against such things are now blackballed from the establishment, which Oakland himself has been a part of for about 25 years. He, too, has taken massive hits from pastors who want to shut him up.

Here is a snippet of Roger’s article posted today:


I hear a lot of rumblings and propaganda in the media about another “outpouring of the Spirit” that will soon bring “revival” once more to the “mighty Calvary Chapel movement.” Now that Pastor Brian Brodersen has inherited the position of “top dog” at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, the annual Pastor’s Conference is the place where “new distinctives” are brought down.  While such a hierarchy is fervently denied, Pastors such as Dwight Douville recently received orders from headquarters by authorities in Costa Mesa and told him to shut up or ship out because he was airing genuine concerns.

Then there is the talk at large about the great outpouring of unity and ecumenism that will be initiated by the present Pope. Will the hierarchical leaders of the Calvary Chapel movement stand up against this or not?  So far, their silence seems deafening. They all seem to embrace Rick Warren who embraces the Pope. Why is that happening? Are they just deluded or don’t they want to rock the boat because Brian Brodersen is calling for a “New Calvary”?

Many Calvary Chapel pastors are changing their views with regards to the Bible. The following article describes what is happening very clearly. It articulates the philosophy that is being echoed by Brodersen, McLure, Laurie, and others. It seems these men have rolled over a new leaf. They cannot get on the Rick Warren One-World-Religion bandwagon fast enough and all work together for the cause of good. As one observer wrote about the current trends:

Can you believe with us that denominations will unite, that the races could come together, that God could make us one, as the antidote to the terrific division in our day? Could you believe with us for stadium Christianity where signs and wonders are breaking out and mass evangelism explodes across our country- the Third Great Awakening?

Read the full article here

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22 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel: Another Wave Of The Spirit Or A Wave Of Deception?

  1. Good job Amy. There is something not right going on there. Very disappointing.
    But, that is why we all need to be sure Jesus is the center of our lives and not an organization or it’s leadership.

  2. Greg Laurie featured Mel Gibson, in person, at this year’s Harvest Crusades outreach in Orange County. Everyone knows that Mel Gibson is a man who sold his soul to gain prominence and power in Hollywood. Everyone knows that Mel Gibson is not a righteous man.

    What kind of a message is Greg Laurie sending to our young people when he venerates the unfaithful Hollywood elites?

    1. Catherine, I’m not sure what’s going on in Costa Mesa(of which I have attended but now on the other coast), but what I did see is that you pulled this one man out and in public, spoke with authority on the state of his heart . You stated, “He sold his soul to gain prominence and power in Hollywood”, exactly how do you know that? Can you prove that? Last I knew only God knows the condition and intent of our hearts. I for one was looking forward to the movie he spoke about with Greg Laurie that is just in discussion stages about the Resurrection. Did you notice his demeanor in the interview he seemed humbled , maybe convicted a bit. If so, maybe that’s what God wanted, maybe it was a test? That wouldn’t be a bad thing. If the movie will be anywhere near as impacting as The Passion Of The Christ, I will be first in line. That was a phenomenal movie,(yes it had catholic under tones), ya know what? It wasn’t a salvation issue. And did you stop to think for one minute that after such a feet as the production of a movie that saved many people, that the enemy wasn’t looking to destroy him as he would if it were you or I? I’m not so sure I could be that strong as to not fall under that weight. I pray God I could. But then Jesus can speak His message through sinners and donkeys if He wants. I sure hope Jesus doesn’t look at you and your sins like you looked at Mel Gibson….You and I sin and repent….we all do and are forgiven…. countless times …. 7 x70 … I think before you made this ‘righteous’ judgement, you should have asked the Lord if those were the words He would have wanted you to say. In Him, Laura p.s. Proverbs 27:6 Faithful are the wounds of a friend…. but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.

  3. Mel Gibson follows and adores apostate Rome, he’s an avowed Romanist, he’s not a Christian. Greg Laurie is not whom he seems. Apostates are slick, they speak with enough truth and a little leaven mixed in to confuse the undiscerning. Stay away from these false teachers, warn as many as you can.

  4. True awakenings in history were brought about by the sovereign move of the Holy Spirit, and not by human effort to manufacture a revival such as these leaders are attempting. The focus should be on Jesus Christ, conviction and repentance from sin–and not on super-cool signs and wonders and global unity and transformation.

  5. Really, though, Roger Oakland and Dwight Douville (and others like them) are remembering Calvary Chapel as it NEVER was. In other words, if they were on top of things, they would have seen that this trend always existed in Calvary Chapel with Chuck Smith himself. Chuck Smith wrote in many of his books that catholicism is Christian. Chuck Smith was very ecumenical in that way. He said catholicism is Christian over the radio multiple times. In church sermons, he would endorse catholicism, the Church of Christ (which has the water baptism regeneration false gospel that cannot save), TBN (need I say more about that?), and the eastern orthodox groups as if they were Christian.

    I know this because I attended CCCM with Chuck Smith for years.

    Calvary Chapel was always unbiblical and ecumenical. The only difference now is that the ecumenicalism is more extreme. But it was always there, and it started with Chuck Smith.

    If Roger Oakland and Dwight Douville were honest, they’d have to admit this was always true. It’s just worse now, but the bad fruit/root, was Chuck Smith.

    1. Jess,
      If you knew CCCM/ Chuck Smith taught ecumenism why did you continue attending there “for years”? This is not an attack. I am genuinely curious to know what motivated you to stay knowing what you knew.

      1. Edwitness, thank you for asking. I continued there for years, because he was “Papa Chuck”. Many of us felt that we were always in safe hands, and whatever Chuck said, you can be sure it was good. He would even, on occasion, admit to not fully understanding this or that. Very “humble” sounding, to make him seem even more trustworthy. But once the Lord Jesus began to work on me in terms of the Gospel (using Galatians 1:6-9 among other Scriptures), then I began to question how catholicism could ever be included in “Christendom”. And once I asked those questions of the (accessible) leadership at CCCM, I was rebuked with statements like, “well catholics believe that Jesus died for our sins”. I would say, maybe so, but catholicism says that it’s not enough, that we need works and/or “evidence of works”. So I pointed that out to them, and they would say, “well Pastor Chuck says……”, and use some statement that he made as proof, and at that point, I prayed about leaving, and then left.

        1. Jess,

          Chuck was very charismatic and did, I think, open the scriptures to thousands of people teaching the best he could. I am very thankful for this.

          Yet, I agree with you, the seeds of ecumenism were there all along. For instance, the praise almost worship of Billy Graham who was and is very ecumenical, Chuck calling the Catholic Church Christian and saying things like the Church has a horrible history meaning the Catholics…I remember thinking the people that did those things weren’t Christians (the Church).

          A lot of people just didn’t catch it, didn’t want to catch it, didn’t have discernment or trusted Chuck…

          I think there were things that made it confusing or difficult to see the seeds ecumenism. Things like Chuck’s ability to stay in favor with the congregation with his charisma, teaching style and polity style (Moses Model and insulating himself from criticism with a not so real board and no one ever knew when or how decisions were made or how their money was spent until after the fact. It was acceptable, I guess, because of the growth). He also warned about various teachings that were sweeping through like the Kansas City Prophets, Holy Laughter stuff, etc., and he brought in people like Dave Hunt to speak or later Warren B Smith et al., he even un-endorsed Rick Warren at one time.

          So, imo, there was much good and much bad and much ugly, it was a mix.

          I don’t think you will find these types of warnings given or people like the ones mentioned above being invited to speak at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa now.

    2. JESS..I agree with what you said.!
      Plus, If you dare to question anything they teach you are quickly put on the “trouble maker” list. No ACTS 17:11 Bereans are tolerated.

      1. One thing they ALL seem to fail at teaching is the proper order of Faith and Grace. That I believe can be tracked back to Chuck and his failure to teach it clearly. Non understanding of GIVING as worship is another area they seem to all fail at teaching. To is money, nothing more than government tax write off.! Since they are all government approved 501 C 3 CHARITIES we should be upset when they now fight over the money.!

  6. I could make a similar case for the beginnings of the Azusa Street history. Charles Parham, Agnes Ozman, William Seymour. Tongues as missionary languages, writing in tongues, belief in healing to the point of not going to doctors, great end time revival, and coming back from the missions field to find out these ‘tongues’ we’re not what they thought they were. So…now you have an experience that does not fit the teaching. What happens next? You change the teaching to private prayer language (or sometimes either or to fit the experience. Wow.

  7. The apostasy increases. Teach your children to be in the scripture daily! As with other names that have crept in unawares (Andy Stanley. RWarren, etc. etc. etc.), we need to heed the warnings of scripture about these men and women. Their methods are so subtle, their audiences so biblically illiterate or lazy, and wanting their own compromises/unbelief validated. Stay strong in the Lord everyone! He promises to Return and set all things right. Amen!

    1. Amen Friend! This has become pandemic as foretold. Churchianity is moving at a breakneck speed toward Rome. The worldwide religion is taking form, comprised of apostate Protestantism and Apostate Rome……..I do believe the false prophet will be a pope, as for the antichrist I’m not sure, but I think he will be European.

  8. Pastor Paul Smith, the brother of Pastor Chuck Smith, of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, recorded a video about his brother’s succession plan for CCCM. This plan was not implemented.

    As Pastor Chuck Smith’s brother, Pastor Paul Smith wanted to share some of the events that occurred and he personally witnessed.

    1. William,
      I appreciate so much your giving the link to this video. It clears up many issues regarding the direction some CC leadership have taken since Chuck’s death. And the struggle for position in the CC churches.

      1. Edwitness: I was relieved to find that video from Pastor Paul Smith because it revealed and explained a lot of what most of us knew.

        There seems to be an ongoing and escalating struggle for position in the CC churches, and it is all based on ego – not God’s Word.

        Now more than ever, we must continue to fight the good fight of faith and lay hold on Eternal Life.

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