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Leaving the NAR Church: Val’s story

“I would hear something bizarre about some “apostle” who had just been to heaven or someone else who had visited hell and I believed it all. I was hungry for spiritual experiences and there was a kind of competition in these meetings where everybody would be hoping that they would be the person picked out […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Robert’s story

“It was our Christmas Service that year, and it was promised to be “an event for everyone”, so no child care.  They opened worship with Hell’s Bells by AC/DC.  Yeah, the full song with lyrics posted, and an R-rated video to go with it.   We had five guests, and four of them walked out before […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Kelsey’s story

“I can tell you from my experience in the occult that contemplative/soaking prayer IS transcendental meditation.  People being “taken to the heavenlies/different places on earth” are experiencing astral projection.  The teachings and practices of the NAR is occultic in nature and is damaging the people who adhere to these teachings and practices.” Kelsey has been […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Melanie’s story

“There was so much supernatural stuff happening, people claiming to be healed, gemstones appearing on the floor, feathers floating from the ceiling, pink clouds, mist and smells such as lemon floating through the air.  I wasn’t sure what was making this all happen, but it was mesmerizing.” Signs, wonders, wild experiences, all of these things […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Macie’s story

“I felt something push me down.  I stumbled up the stairs but kept falling.  It must have been the Spirit manifesting itself, I thought.  As I sat on my bed, I kept keeling over and twitching.  My brother and mother thought it was great.  In fact, my brother even videotaped it.” Macie has allowed me […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Morgan’s story

“Not really knowing better, I let them do a deliverance session on me. Basically, you sit in a chair, they command the demons to come up and speak, and then they get bound and cast out.” Morgan was immersed in a so-called “Deliverance Ministry,” in which he was introduced to the demons who dwelled within […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Dean’s story

“My leader whom I love and respect called me critical, judgmental, and condemning. He said I was too young and inexperienced, and that I was seeing only through my bias and biblical grid that I’d received at Bible school.” Dean had become a victim of the most vile manipulation of truth. His leadership convinced him […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Kara’s story

“The evangelist (Todd Bentley), preached and instructed viewers to lay hands on the TV screen for impartation to occur.  I told God I would use that anointed impartation to lay hands on and heal my sick husband…” Kara has allowed me to include her story in this series about a movement called the New Apostolic […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Candice’s story

“How lonely and devastating it is to find out that something you believe in so strongly can be so wrong, and that cognitive dissonance disorder is very real to all of us who share this journey.” Candice is one of many Christians who has watched helplessly as the New Apostolic Reformation infected the church and […]

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