David Barton prays an anointing on Glenn Beck

One must wonder why Christian historian David Barton and Mormon Glenn Beck have been spending so much time together.  And when they pray, what are they praying for? Is it Beck’s repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ of the Bible?

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Glenn Beck and David Barton

Well, not exactly.

As a follow up to Marsha’s must-read article, Controversial Christian historian David Barton: misinterpretations,errors, and Glenn Beck, Warren Throckmorton emailed us to share this interesting video and article. Notice what Barton is praying, and how afterward Beck is deeply affected.

Ted Cruz “Really is the Guy” Glenn Beck and David Barton Have Been Praying For:

“Some readers will focus on David Barton praying over LDS member Glenn Beck.

Some readers will focus on Beck and Barton’s certainty that Ted Cruz is really the anointed candidate.

Some readers will wonder why Ted Cruz, if he really is the guy, only gave 1% of his income in charitable deductions from 2006-2010.

Some readers will question David Barton’s role in the Cruz campaign while he is the leader of one of Ted Cruz’s Super PAC.

Some readers will question if the Holy Spirit’s job in the world is to be “turned loose” to energize a political campaign.

Some readers will marvel at the pious prayers while at the same time Beck and Barton mislead the public about why Barton’s book The Jefferson Lies met such criticism.


See our research paper on Mormonism.

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8 thoughts on “David Barton prays an anointing on Glenn Beck

  1. Proverbs 28:9
    He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination

    James 3:15
    This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.

    2 Peter 2:1
    But there were false prophets among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

    2 Peter 2: 2
    And many shall follow their pernicious ways

    2 Peter 2:19
    While they promise them liberty, they themselves are servants of corruption

    Kingdom now or Dominion theology mixed with NEW- AGE- David Barton teaching
    looking to worldly Government political systems.

  2. Again, David Barton is on the preachers Speakers Circuit churches it about Honorariums & love Offerings $$$
    that he got from his Mentor Kenneth Copeland.

  3. Where does Barton get the authority to make such a prayer and pronouncement?
    What makes DB thinks that his prayers, no matter how pious they may seem, are heard by the Sovereign of the Universe?
    Why should God wink at an unrepentant and practiced liar like David Barton?
    Why would any real “man of God” pray a “blessing” on another unrepentant hater of the Son of God?
    Does DB seriously believe that the mockery exhibited by him here will get a “pass” just because he has spoken some pious sounding nonsense?
    How much arrogance is God expected to put up with? ‘We (DB) bless him (GB) with your (God’s) wisdom, speech, knowledge, or whatever’ as if David Barton is commanding God to answer this prayer (really a demand) just because David Barton has spoken it. This is the epitome of man’s arrogance toward God and shows zero fear of God—just like all the other lost and continually rebellious people that hate Him.

    Be very, VERY, V E R Y careful to come to the defense of this man and his arrogance. Do not consider even for a moment that the Holy Spirit had ANYTHING whatsoever to do with either of these men and this blasphemy that Barton calls a “prayer”. Barton comes right up to the line (IMO crosses it) of blaspheming the Holy Spirit. If he did then those who agree with his deeds are a party to them and will suffer the same consequence that DB faces. You CANNOT mock God with impunity, nor can one expect there to be no consequences. Neither can anyone INSULT the Spirit of Grace by claiming to be speaking by Him and blessing (blessing by the Holy Spirit) one of the biggest frauds (Glen Beck), charlatans, and liars of our day. Beck claims to be a “Christian” but has never refuted his Mormon beliefs, he just wants to be named a “Christian” so he can further deceive the gullible and unlearned masses.

    1. Darrel, you Nailed it right on.
      Classic Word Of Faith Little gods Doctrine & Theology that Barton has been taught or picked – up from his Mentors

      Classic- Dominion or Kingdom Now Doctrine, Or Ruling the earth as kings & Priest now, before Christ comes – so he can be apart of handing the earth back to Christ!!

      E.W.Kenyon & Kenneth E. Hagin were Taught it by their mentors!!!
      The Force of Faith, or speaking it into Being, Positive Confession or Claim it by Faith, the power of the Tongue to create what you want!!!
      If you say the car will break down, it will
      If you say I’m sick, it happens

      Classic Kenneth Copeland – Visualizing whatever you need, Speaking it into existence
      Kenneth Copeland also picked it up from David Yonggi Cho his book- The Fourth Dimension – The Law of Incubation
      Pastor David Yonggi Cho – also went to JAIL for his money scams

      Jesse Duplantis also promotes David Yonggi Cho’s Books

      They have Pastor Joseph Prince spreading the Word of Faith Message also

      So it all comes back to David Barton using His” Authority” as a little god, And using “Prayer” to Dominate and control in this world now!

      As he has been taught, by his Word of Faith Mentors

      It Boils back to pride, and False Teaching being taught as truth.

  4. I believe that the backbone of Mr. Barton’s ministry is that the USA was created a Christian nation. After reading the first amendment, I read Matthew 4:10 and Luke 4:8 . It would seem as though God is not tolerant of religion. If anyone can help me and show me Biblically(not based on what man has said and claimed) how the USA was created a Christian nation(I believe this would mean that God would have created this nation for His Son), I would appreciate this help greatly. An interesting link would be to watch this video and pay attention to what the rabbi says in it https://bereanresearch.org/video-shows-prosperity-preachers-kenneth-copeland-paula-white-laying-hands-on-donald-trump-for-presidency/

    1. Hello Berry Farmer,
      I agree with you regarding the First Amendment. An interesting website to peruse on this subject is: http://www.firebreathingchristian.com/

      Can God be pleased with the law of a nation that endorses/permits the worship of satan, other gods, yet ‘protects’ the worship of the One True God. No, God will protect His Children. We are not to trust in men, but God. USA is not a Christian ‘nation’.
      Jesus says ‘My Kingdom is not of this world’.

      We need to watch out for ‘Dominionism/Reconstructionism’ movement going on here in USA. I believe DB is part of that movement.

      1. Friend

        Yes, you are correct ” Dominionism” 100% Correct

        The other Big Movement is – The False Hebrew Roots Movement, its Pastors/ Rabbi’s that are growing it Big time!!

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