“Hope Renewed” in what, exactly?

That is an interesting definition of Hell, but it’s not how the Bible describes Hell.  It’s the worst of all possible suffering, and it is a dreadful reality to those who haven’t believed in the Gospel rightly preached from the Word of God.

This trivialized, works-based fluff is what you get when a very influential pastor – who’s known for not bringing up the “bad place” very often – says the “H-word” in a service.

What kind of steward of God’s Word would ever say such a thing? It would be none other than “America’s Pastor.”  The same pastor whose Purpose Driven Conference 2017 is offering a renewal of “hope,” but hope in what? I’d ask about hope in Whom, but He never really gets much attention at these things. But attendees at the 2017 Purpose Driven Conference will get:

  •      Breakthrough Plateaus
  •      Re-energize discipleship, involvement and giving
  •      Fuel ministry momentum and growth
  •      Capture a vision and path for your church’s significant global impact
See what I mean? Someone is missing.
Yes, the author of the P.E.A.C.E. Plan is continuing his efforts around the world to make the kind of “disciples” who will be perfect soldiers to bring about his global vision.
What is Rick Warren’s “global vision,” you may ask?
Here is our White Paper on Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven agenda.
If you haven’t seen this video yet – or if you haven’t shared it with people you love, please take the time (3 hours – well worth it), to educate yourself:

Here is Warren’s Purpose Conference promo in which he talks of his idea of Hell:

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