ISIS beheads and shoots Ethiopian Christians in sickening new video


Less than two months after 21 Egyptian Christians were beheaded by extremists in a similar video, now another slaughter on the beach. At least 16 captives are marched onto a beach, and 12 more in a desert to be told they must convert from Christianity to Islam or die:

A shocking new video appearing to show at least 30 Christians being beheaded and shot by ISIS in Libya has been released.

The 29-minute video, titled ‘Until It Came To Them – Clear Evidence’, shows dozens of militants holding two separate groups captive, thought to be in the south and the west of the country.

At least 16 men, described by Islamic State as the ‘followers of the cross from the enemy Ethiopian Church’, are lined up and shot in a desert area while 12 others are filmed being forced to walk down a beach before being beheaded.

This follows another video in February of the beheading of a group of 21 Coptic Christians on the beach in Libya, though that terrain was rockier than the one shown in the latest film. It raises fears that ISIS is consolidating its presence on the ‘doorstep of Europe’, as Libya is just a few hundred miles from the coast of Italy.

Ethiopia was unable to confirm its citizens were killed in the footage but condemned the ‘atrocious act’, a government official said.

The video shows the men at the coast wearing Guantanamo-style orange jumpsuits and being held at the neck by fighters in combats with balaclavas covering their faces. The victims inland are forced to kneel as militants dressed in combats and green masks stand behind them holding rifles.

It starts with what it called a ‘history of Christian-Muslim relations’, which includes scenes of militants destroying churches, graves and icons.

A masked fighter in black then brandishes a pistol as he vows to kill Christians if they do not convert.

In an apparent reference to Ethiopia’s attacks on neighbouring Somalia, whose population is almost entirely Muslim, he says: ‘Muslim blood shed under the hands of your religions is not cheap. To the nation of the cross we are now back again.’

The footage, which was released on websites and social media accounts officially linked to ISIS, also cuts to Christians in Syria explaining how they were given the choice of converting to Islam or paying a ‘special tax’.

At the end it switches between the two sets of captives – thought to be mainly migrant workers – with one group shot dead at point-blank range and the others beheaded on the beach. The video has not yet been verified.

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One Response to ISIS beheads and shoots Ethiopian Christians in sickening new video

  1. Amie October 9, 2015 at 8:22 am #

    If one goes to YouTube to check out the original news video of this event, you will notice how ISIS guys look so tall! Either the victims were dwarfs or ISIS soldiers are 7 foot tall giants. Plus, has anyone asked themselves this: with all the military powers the West and world has supposedly turned against ISIS, how do these ninjas find ways and time to tape horror movies with all the interesting effects? Hollywood propaganda is what I am guessing…as the ninjas are byproduct of the West.