The problem with Bethel Redding’s Firestarters ‘prophetic activation’ class

Holly Pivec of Spirit of Error alerts us to Bethel Church’s latest attempt at drawing people into the world of the occult through their Firestarters course where participants are taught how to “burn with passion for God.” We have many articles on Bethel Church’s lead pastor-sorcerer Bill Johnson here.  And you’ll find articles on the sorcerer’s apprentices here.

Now to Holly’s piece:

I recently returned from a trip to Redding, California, where I visited Bethel Church, led by popular NARapostle Bill Johnson. Many things were taught during my visit there that troubled me. Especially troubling was the adult Sunday School class called Firestarters.

Firestarters is a 12-week course described as “the fast-track to revival culture.” It was created by Kevin Dedmon, who teaches at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM), and is a crash course for people who don’t have the time or money to attend BSSM’s full-time program. According to the Bethel website, students learn how to “burn with passion for God,” “experience His passion” for them, “walk in their God-given identity and purpose,” and “experience the power to heal the sick, prophesy, and live a victorious life.”

The morning I attended students were taught to prophesy. Four people who had never prophesied publicly before were called to the platform to be “activated” into the prophetic gift. They were each told to select an individual in the room and prophesy to that individual: “If you don’t know what to say, just start talking and you’ll get there.” The teacher told them not to worry that their words might just be coming from their imaginations. Why shouldn’t they worry? Because “who do you think gave you your imagination?” As long as their words were “positive” and “life-giving” they were to deliver them. Apparently assured by his words, the students proceeded to prophesy.  Continue reading

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