Catalyst: It’s never been about Jesus

Catalyst is the premiere Emergent conference for young leaders to learn how to teach people about Jesus how to shift the purpose of the church from Bible-centered to celebrity-centered themes. To understand this, you’ll need to explore three questions:

The real issue of course is that churches large and small continually pump their members’ financial offerings into the Catalyst empire, and they also send their young sheep to the slaughter at these conferences that they assume are about Jesus Christ, but are not. In the Catalyst link above, you can see for yourself that this franchise is showing youth a very different jesus and different gospel. You should be concerned.

Here is an example of the content you’ll get in the latest one-day leadership conference for Seattle and Pennsylvania this fall. Two famous celebrity pastors, zero Jesus Christ:

It is often said that change is the only constant and we know that our world is constantly advancing, shifting, and adapting, but how do we lead in these new realities?

Join Craig Groeschel and Brian Houston as we examine how to anticipate coming change before it arrives, create a strategy for transition, and map a compelling vision for the future.

Bring the entire team! Together you’ll learn to:

  • Foresee problems and opportunities before they arise

  • Create and communicate a strategy for change

  • Understand organizational life cycles

  • Establish a different way of thinking

  • Foster a culture that embraces change and fuels progress

See related links, and protect your church from this ungodly carnal nonsense.