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Goddess Worship In America booklet

Goddess Worship in America and How It’s Affecting the Church

Lighthouse Trails is offering a new booklet tract by Maria Kneas and John Lanagan.  The booklet reveals the little known fact that full-blown Goddess worship developed in the 1950s. Goddess worship is embraced by the world of the occult.  Witchcraft, radical feminism and even some liberal churches is steeped in goddess worship. The occult world holds to […]

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Father of “holy laughter” to bring New Apostolic Reformation gathering to Washington D.C.

I’ve never been overly excited about so-called “guilt by association,” but when high-profile Christian organizations team up to affiliate, we need to ask some questions:  Why would professed bible-believing teachers continually team up with New Apostolic Reformation (N.A.R.) dominionism groups, or for that matter those who teach rolling on the floor squealing, barking and laughing […]

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