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OPRAH WINFREY’S NEW AGE “CHRISTIANITY” (PART 2) Neale Donald Walsch, “God,” and Hitler

A brand new booklet by Warren B. Smith is available through Lighthouse Trails Publishing, and the editors have kindly allowed us to publish it here. To order copies of the 14-page color published tracts for  to give to loved ones caught up in this deception, and for further study, click here.                                             By Warren B. […]

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Father of “holy laughter” to bring New Apostolic Reformation gathering to Washington D.C.

I’ve never been overly excited about so-called “guilt by association,” but when high-profile Christian organizations team up to affiliate, we need to ask some questions:  Why would professed bible-believing teachers continually team up with New Apostolic Reformation (N.A.R.) dominionism groups, or for that matter those who teach rolling on the floor squealing, barking and laughing […]

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BSF, Jesus Calling and a plea from the heart

(UPDATE: Please see BSF Leader resigns; warns members about 2018 Study) I remember the first time I “got” the Gospel. It was in a woman’s Bible study group called BSF, or Bible Study Fellowship. For the past 50 years and up until I left four years ago, BSF International has been solid (as far as […]

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No, we don’t focus on the Illuminati

From time to time, listeners ask us about some of the conspiracy theories out there – especially in the music industry. Specifically, they want to know about the Illuminati, secret societies or symbols like the all-seeing eye. You’ll notice those pastors who are excellent at faithfully preaching the Word and protecting their flocks against various […]

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The following pamphlet is a new;y released pamphlet by Lighthouse Trails Publishing, written by Warren B. Smith, and reposted here with permission from both. You may order these booklets for $1.95 each from Lighthouse Trails by clicking this link.   Lighthouse Trails Editors Note: Today there is much talk in the church about revival. Some […]

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Yoga Is Official – United Nations Adopts International Yoga Day

(Note: See also, Yoga is anything but “harmless stretching, and My response to “Holy” Yoga.) The United Nations declared June 21st as International Yoga Day, just three months after India’s newly-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi used some of his valuable minutes during his address to the U.N. General Assembly to introduce it. With an unprecedented 177 countries […]

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