Our Top 7 rules for commenting

Hey! Where did those comments go?

When it comes to our comments policy, I’ve always believed that Christians should be able to glorify Christ with their words and actions, without me imposing rules.

That hasn’t happened, in spite of our updated Comments Rules of Conduct Policy. And so I have implemented a new website tool that allows me to disable all comments on all posts here with the click of a button. After months of babysitting the comments section here, I can’t tell you how liberating that feels.

With the click of that same button, I can bring back all of those thousands of comments at a future date. But for now I am going to leave our posts – past, present, and future – comment bicker free.

This status will remain for the duration of a much-needed break I am taking from most social media and discernment writing. Both Marsha and I are committed to our purpose of exposing darkness to the light and encouraging readers to compare popular teachings with Scripture, but it’s dark work, and I need to step away.  I will spend this time in the Word, serving in our new church, and ministering in an extended family situation. So we encourage you to take the time you normally would spend commenting here and use it to spend time with Jesus Christ in His breathed-out Scriptures.

And by all means, do share the resources we offer with your loved ones.

In case you are wondering, this is our comments policy, which will be reinstated at a future date:

This is not a free-for-all, nor are commenters entitled to be unbiblical or unkind.

Here is our official Comments Rules of Conduct here at BereanResearch.org:

  1. No attacking other commenters. Help expose wolves, but don’t harm the sheep.
  2. Use Scripture, not ad hominems. (See, “What is an ad hominem?“)
  3. Those who defend cults, false religions, or counterfeit movements will be removed from the community.
  4. If you hope to win your Calvinism/Arminian argument, trust me, you won’t. It’s been tried. No one wins. Therefore, refrain and don’t complain when we remove these fruitless arguments.
  5. Links to outside organizations are automatically put in moderation for review, to ensure we’re not leading anyone to apostate sites. Even links to Scripture can put a comment in moderation.
  6. Keep it short, and don’t paste a bunch of stuff we all have to scroll through. If you have a lot to say, consider breaking your comment into several posts.
  7. I may not get around to reviewing your post as soon as you would like me to.

Yours in Christ Jesus,