Blasphemy in Philadelphia

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I’m not sure how I stumbled across this Central Association of the Miraculous Medal, but it’s even more shocking than someone selling me a prayer cloth on TBN. Located in the heart of Philadelphia.  It’s both a website and a shrine, one of the Catholic Church’s top tourist sites where people make pilgrimages by the busload.  It turns 100 years old this summer, and of course you’ll need to open your purse or wallet wide so that you can honor Mary, “your mother” for “all she has given you.” Mary is not my mother. God’s Word says she hasn’t given us anything, but Jesus has given us everything.

The Miraculous Medal site tells us, promises us that somehow if you wear a medal around your neck, it will give you great miracles. Where have we heard this before?

The Miraculous Medal was created in response to a request from the Blessed Virgin Mary, who entrusted us with our mission. It was given by the Blessed Virgin Mary herself! No wonder, then, that it gives such extraordinary graces to those who wear it and pray for Mary’s intercession and help. Our Lady manifested the Medal to St. Catherine Labouré on November 27, 1830, in the motherhouse of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac, in Paris.

Apparently, this young woman saw a vision of Mary, and heard a voice speaking to her.  Please note that Mary is not divine, nor can a woman who has been dead for 2,000 years speak to folks. But a familiar spirit on the other hand…

Anyway, this is what “Mary” had to say:

Then Mary spoke to Catherine: “Have a medal struck upon this model. Those who wear it will receive great graces, especially if they wear it around the neck.”


How influential is this today? Very.

Thousands of pilgrims come to Mary’s Central Shrine each year and lay their burdens at the feet of the Blessed Mother. In this quiet and holy place – a place bathed in prayer and anointed with solace – they share their hurts and sorrows. They seek Our Mother’s consolation and her prayers. We need your help to spread the devotion to Our Lady, and make known her Medal, help us care for our aged and infirm Priests and Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul, to educate seminarians, and to provide financial support to our Priests and Brothers of St. Vincent de Paul serving the poor.

Question: Why are they laying their burdens at the feet of…Mary? And where is Jesus in this “financial support” plea? Nowhere to be found. In fact our Savior does not even make a flyby appearance anywhere on the site. And yet this “Mary” takes the place of Jesus quite handily, as she never leaves you or forsakes you. A lie from the very pit of Hell.

Please, read your Bibles, dear ones. And do not fall for this evil counterfeit:

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