The fruit of Global Leadership Summit 2018

“How many of us are saving our best for the next life when all we have is this life?” That’s one of the many nuggets coming from an allegedly Christian conference for Christian leaders. While the event distanced itself from it’s controversial founder, Bill Hybels, it remains a conference lacking in true biblical leadership. And yet many if not most of its Christian pastoral speakers, like T.D. Jakes, have been the subject of controversy, flagged as those who have been promoting or teaching unbiblical doctrines. Here is a link to all of the summit headliners over the years, including celebrities Brian Houston, Steven Furtick, Craig Groeschel, Andy Stanley, Christine Cain, Tony Blair, mystic Mama Maggie Gobran, Catholic filmmaker Mark Burnett, and Gungor.

Remember when GLS (Global Leadership Summit), was created to strengthen and equip pastors and other church leaders? I do. The Summit started out two decades ago featuring a full lineup of pastoral leaders, with a few corporate leaders sprinkled in. Its mission was clear:

Today, following the 2018 event, Christian Leaders released its “Top 50 Quotes from GLS18.” It’s obvious that the legacy of this event is about feel-good leadership axioms. You don’t need the church for that. You don’t even need a savior for it.

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