Who are Family Research Council’s “Watchmen on the Wall”?

Wouldn’t it be great if men and women who are dead in their sins would just stop being wicked and start respecting professing Christians? At first blush, the idea of transforming America’s ever-sickening, vile culture sounds like a great plan. And giving pastors a support network of Watchmen on the Wall to help them fight the culture wars would be a really good thing, right?

In Washington D.C. on Capitol Hill, The Family Research Council is hosting a Watchman on the Wall National Briefing for pastors to transform America. FRC President Tony Perkins says this is not a political event, but a spiritual one. He’s invited dozens of guest speakers, including Harbinger and Shemitah author Jonathan Cahn, Bishop Larry Jackson (part of Apostle Rick Joyner’s MorningStar TV Network), Word of Faith prosperity preacher Jentezen Franklin, David Barton, and radio host Dr. Michael Brown.  Click on the image for the full list of speakers:

Says Perkins:

“Why would Family Research Council invest in pastors? After all, FRC is a Washington, DC based non-profit ministry that is focused on shaping public policy and informed civic activism. Good question.

Simply put, we believe that the problems we face in our communities and our nation are not just political and cultural, they are spiritual in nature (Eph. 6:10-13). Consequently, these problems ultimately require a spiritual solution administered by spiritual leadership. That is why we are championing pastors to transform America.”

Perkins says the mission of the Watchmen on the Wall network is to:

1) Pray for our nation, 2) Preach the whole counsel of God without apology, and 3) Partner with other pastors who will lead their churches to become the salt and light Jesus spoke about and make a positive difference in their communities, state, and our nation.

The first two make complete sense. Yes, let’s pray and preach the whole counsel of God! But what positive difference are we talking about when we talk of transforming our nation at the community, state and national level?

Here is a more detailed mandate:

“These band of brothers will stand with you” when you stand for cultural righteousness, promises Perkins in this this video.  Watching this might set off some red flags for you, unless you think that this “Transform America” movement is akin to Moses demanding Pharaoh liberate the slaves, or Elijah challenging King Ahab on his “ungodly policies” (never mind that it was God Almighty telling these true prophets to speak and act for Him).

Is this what our pastors are supposed to be doing, networking to stand with each other in the culture wars? Or did Jesus give the Church a different mission? Matthew 28:16-20:

Watchmen need to be discerning about which mission they will follow.


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