Calvary Chapel and Women in the Pulpit

Sarah Yadley teaching men

CC’s Sarah Yardley, preaching earlier this year.

Those who are wondering about the Calvary Chapel Association’s announcement of a split from CC Costa Mesa and its pastor, Brian Brodersen, must understand that this has been coming for several years now.

For instance, one of the many reasons that Calvary Chapel pastors were upset about the new direction taken by Brian Brodersen and others is the advent of women teachers in the pulpit.

Traditionally CC doctrinal distinctives have held to the teaching from Paul: “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man,” in 1 Timothy 1:12.

Here is Sarah Yardley, preaching at the 2016 Calvary Chapel Missions Conference in California in January. She’s not just telling stories from the mission field, she is teaching God’s Word to men. And not only is she teaching them, she is telling them about her 33 personal prophecies she received directly from God Himself. (37:39) She wrote them in her Bible. One of them was that God made her life like glitter, and He was going to send that glitter out. Another was that there would be a wave of destructive emotion that would overwhelm her and that Jesus would stand with her and keep it from destroying her. “When God gives us a prophetic Word to carry, he doesn’t remove the painful things that come, but says ‘My presence goes with you.'”

Pastors were also alarmed when Brian’s wife Cheryl (Founder Chuck Smith’s daughter), taught Scripture to men at CreationFest 2015:


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