Brian Brodersen and Greg Laurie’s “Big Picture of Christianity”

Lighthouse Trails exposes the ways in which senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Brian Brodersen and leading CC pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie are plotting to remove the barriers between evangelical Christianity and apostate Roman Catholicism. According to LT, the plan is to help believers see “the big picture of Christianity.” This is nothing new.  The big picture they espouse is  just another expression for “big tent Christianity” which stems from liberal/progressive theology, i.e. the Emergent Church.

Brodersen and Laurie are not alone in their endeavor to move evangelicals toward Rome.  Other highly esteemed leaders such as recently deceased Tony Palmer (who claimed he was “consecrated” by Pope Francis to be a bridge of unity between Protestants and Catholics), Rick Warren, Beth Moore, James & Betty Robison and Kenneth & Gloria Copeland are also on board with the bridge of unity. In fact, all but Beth Moore have had an audience with the Vicar of Rome.

Now learn more about the “big picture of Christianity” from Lighthouse Trails….

Vatican CityAs we observe evangelical Christianity being drawn toward “the Mother Church” of Roman Catholicism, it is amazing to see how very few Christian leaders speak up about this. On the contrary, one after the next, Christian leaders are succumbing to this ecumenical, interfaith last-days apostasy of merging evangelicalism into the Catholic fold. Lighthouse Trails has reported on numerous examples of highly influential evangelical leaders heading in this direction: Rick Warren, Beth Moore, James Robison, and Ken Copeland to name a few.

Today, we received two different e-mails that provided information to show the continuance of this evangelical move toward Rome. In the first e-mail sent by Roger Oakland of Understand the Times, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa senior pastor Brian Brodersen was brought to our attention. Brodersen is beginning an online YouTube series called Things That Matter. In his introductory segment, he explains that this new show is going to help believers see “the bigger picture of Christianity.” He says that too often Christians focus on issues that are not important. As we listened to his words, we couldn’t help but be reminded of the words of emerging church pioneer, Leonard Sweet, when he said:

“Christ is in the Church in the same way as the sun is before our eyes. We see the same sun as our fathers saw, and yet we understand it in a much more magnificent way.” (Aqua Church, p.39, emphasis added)

Sweet was actually quoting Pierre Teilhard de Chardin when he said this as Warren B. Smith points out in his book, A “Wonderful” Deception. What is this “more magnificent way” to which Sweet refers? We know what Chardin means by this, and based on our research on Leonard Sweet and the emerging church, Sweet concurs with Chardin. The “more magnificent way” of seeing things is the paradigm shift that brings all religions together as one, removing all “barriers,” and ultimately leading man to believe he is Divine.

Some may say this is a stretch to suggest that Brian Brodersen is thinking this way just because he says “the bigger picture of Christianity.” But is it really a stretch? As we reported earlier this year, Brodersen recently came out publicly promoting the Alpha Course leader, Nicky Gumbel, who is practically in the arms of the papacy and will take millions of Alpha Course participants with him. It was no small thing that a leading Calvary Chapel pastor endorsed Gumbel and the Alpha Course (if you aren’t sure what to think about the Alpha Course, read our recent article by Mary Danielsen and Chris Lawson). While Brodersen is not proclaiming that man is Divine, whether he realizes it or not, he is helping to remove the barriers between evangelical Christianity and Roman Catholicism.

What is this “bigger picture of Christianity” that Brodersen is talking about? Is he just talking about the Christianity that is beyond the Calvary Chapel borders? Of course not; that would be nothing new as many Calvary Chapel pastors, including CC’s founder Chuck Smith have acknowledged that the body of Christ includes believers outside of Calvary Chapel. Calvary Chapel has never claimed that the body of Christ was solely within their own walls. Time will tell what exactly Brodersen means by this “bigger picture of Christianity.” However, from our perspective, it stands to reason that Brodersen’s remarks would resonate with Rick Warren’s when Warren has stated on numerous occasions that Christianity does include the Catholic Church and that we should focus more on what we have in common than in what we don’t. In other words, the bigger picture of Christianity. That is what Warren means. In Brodersen’s Things That Matter segment, he expressed his concern that some in the body of Christ are focusing too much on “non-essential” issues. We are curious as to what those “non-essential” issues are, and we suspect one of those will be criticizing the Catholic Church.

The second e-mail we received today was regarding Calvary Chapel’s leading pastor Greg Laurie. The e-mail stated: “As a former attendee at Harvest Christian Fellowship [Laurie’s church], it saddens me that Pastor Greg gives validity to Mel Gibson. This post was on Pastor Greg’s Instagram.” The Instagram our reader was referring to shows a photo of Greg Laurie, his wife, and Hollywood actor Mel Gibson.

Greg Laurie and Mel Gibson

While this may seem to be of no significance at first glance, the message that Laurie included in his Instagram also stated: ” I have good news; this dynamic duo [Gibson and Randall Wallace] is working together on a follow-up of the epic film on the crucifixion of Jesus, The Passion. . . . I am really looking forward to a long-overdue movie about this topic from the man who created a whole new template for telling a biblical story on film, Mel Gibson.”  Continue reading

See our White Paper on Roman Catholicism and the Emergent Church

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7 years ago

I remember reading a few years back how some Christian authors did not believe Rome could be the Harlot that sits on seven hills, well as time has rolled, twenty or so years, it’s hard to ignore that Rome is precisely that. It habitually meets with kings and dignitaries, it’s political, it’s apostate and now thanks to apostate “Protestants” it’s trying to bring its wayward children back to the fold! Folks, how can anyone who purports to follow Jesus Christ be so blind as to not see what is happening? Look at the world around us! Europe is about to head into an economic meltdown, that has nothing to do with Brexit, Italy is almost there, Ftance and Germany call for a Europe Superstate, how many believe the “church” has replaced Israel? How many evangelicals believe there’s nothing wrong with Romanism? We have riots in our streets, human life is cheap and the love of most has grown cold. I don’t know how else to explain to people, they shake their heads and go on on their merry way! I believe this apostasy is nearly complete, when it is, some trigger, be it economical, war or natural/man made meltdown or even the rapture, will create such chaos as never seen before and out of this chaos the man of sin will arise. We are being led down that path, people the world over are clamoring for a strong leader to solve their problems! It’s neither the selection being offered. And I personally do not believe the antichrist will be from the US, in my opinion he’s going to be European, I also believe, given the onslaught on Christianity, a pope, I do not know which one, will be the false prophet. No one knows the day nor the hour, and don’t fall into the heresy of giving dates, Jesus was clear………but he did give His church indicators of when things would be starting. Every Christian should be seeing and hearing what is happening around them, sadly most are not. I plead with all my Christian sisters and brothers, get deep into the word of God, the times are changing fast, faster than I have ever seen, the Middle East is in turmoil, Europe might splinter and realign, the US might be headed into martial law as riots grow, Africa is being overrun by Islam, China builds a road straight through Iran, which the bible says it will use to get to Meggido, Rusia is a wounded bear, she has oil, she’s developing weapons that in many ways are superior to the West, even though Revelation says she will be destroyed utterly, in the mountains! So given the signs out there, what should the bride be doing?

7 years ago

False converts produce false converts

use the 123 repeat after me prayer, every eye closed put your hand up

then teach you to Tithe or get the malachi curse, sow your seed or ( Love gift) give god something to work with!

After the ###s & $$$

7 years ago

Keeping it short!

KNOW your ENEMY. As stated in the article: …”focus on what we have in common and rather than focus on what we don’t”. Blind,dumb, stupid. How did these guys get pulpits? What at all is there in common?

Know the differences and there is no way one, as a true believer in Christ, could ever open their minds to such ideas.

These men have had the “privilege” of being teachers of the Gospel and are now bringing us the one world church order, through them, it has come. Read: The Two Babylons (still on Kindle) Be wise Beaware.

7 years ago

Right Manny. Lighthouse Trails has a similar item up today about tragic world events. My eyes well up with tears every time I think of those starting out their young lives now, full of hope, and babies. Some see it coming and others don’t. It is really tragic. And I know it will only get worse. In Revelation it mentions all the bowls of wrath that are poured out, and the list of sins that are the cause. The cry goes out: “Repent!” But as usual, they turn their heads, scoff, and walk away smugly.
Sodom and Gomorrah II has reached full size and is ripe for judgment.

I totally agree with Ben too about false converts. It’s all about the pastor’s wallet… ahem… excuse me…. “church” growth. All the scripture twisting and arm twisting to get them to drop that $ into the pot. Next thing, they will be selling ‘indulgences’ like the Catholic church. But no ‘offensive’ gospel truth to offend and chase them away. It never comes. Their calculation? More truth, less givers = less money. Less truth, more givers = more money. That is their only bottom line.

David Gifford
David Gifford
7 years ago

I’m surprised that any of you care a whit about any of this. These are just people who think they know something about what God wants and think He chose them to lead it.

God has never ordained church services any more than He did Catholic Mass. All you’ve done is managed to duplicate exactly the synagogue system that the Pharisees came up with long ago, but with different labels. You look to be led by men, just as Israel desired to be led by a king, which is a shame because you have Jesus as your King.

We are all brothers, and none of us has any authority over the other. Why you look to Laurie or Broderson or any of these other lost Pharisees is beyond me. Have you no idea the voice of Jesus? Is He not leading ANY of you? Do you really care about what group and what they claim is the truth? Why not ask Jesus what HE thinks?

HE is your Pastor forever, not your brother. The fact that all of this nonsense is going on is proof that none of you know Him very well. And you probably never did. Perhaps you should hold on to what you have until He comes!