Franklin Graham quits GOP, says America “in trouble” unless more Christians in office

Rev. Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham, is unhappy with the way things are going in America. What will solve the problem?  He believes that if “godly men and women” get involved in the political process they can “change this wicked system.” How are we to determine if a person is “godly”?  The article doesn’t tell us.  Rev. Graham is quoted as saying that he’d like to see people who have “biblical values” run for office. Certainly he knows that having biblical values does not mean a person is an authentic Christian. There are untold numbers of counterfeit Christians in America!  In fact, many of them already hold public office and are the CEO’s of megachurches.  Likewise, counterfeits run ginormous “Christian” organizations.  One example of a “Christian” politician is our president, Barack Obama. An example of a megachurch CEO is “America’s Pastor” Rick Warren.   Do you see the dilemma?

Now to Christian Examiner’s report:

Franklin Graham 2Evangelist and Samaritan’s Purse President Franklin Graham says he is quitting the Republican Party in light of the GOP-controlled Congress passing a spending bill that maintains government funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Graham made the comments on Facebook Monday, three days after the spending bill passed the Republican-controlled House on a vote of 316-113. A majority of members from both parties voted for it. Voting for the bill were 150 Republicans and 166 Democrats. A total of 95 Republicans and 18 Democrats voted against it.

When undercover videos were released earlier this year showing Planned Parenthood workers talking callously about dissecting unborn babies, some members of the House GOP threatened to shut down the government until government funding was axed.

“This is an example of why I have resigned from the Republican Party and declared myself Independent,” Graham wrote. “I have no hope in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or Tea Party to do what is best for America.”

Graham then urged Christians across the nation to run for political office, beginning with local elections.

“Unless more godly men and women get in this process and change this wicked system, our country is in for trouble,” he wrote. “I want to challenge Christians, even pastors, across the country to pray about running for office where they can have an impact. We need mayors, country commissioners, city council members, school board members who will uphold biblical values.”  Continue reading

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  1. John December 26, 2015 at 9:36 pm #

    The problem with Franklin’s comments is that he is striving in the flesh while wanting in the spirit. He says Godly people need to run for office in order to change this nation around but doesn’t this first start with prayer? There have always been pleas for prayer for this nation and this nation continues to slide downward? It seems to me that God is giving American over and allow sins to abound in this country. I think that once we see Godly people begin to abound in leadership it is a sign that God may be answering those prayers but until then I think it is those who are praying who are keeping this country together despite the lack of Godly leadership and hypocritical leadership in this country.

    I don’t think Franklin is recognizing that it has to be God to put these leaders in office and if they are not coming and sin is abounding then there is a reason. God gives us over to our deceitfulness because that is what we want.

    What do you think?

  2. Darrel December 27, 2015 at 11:21 am #

    Glad you asked the question, John.

    FG is right up there with likes of Joel Osteen, T D Jakes, Crefo Dollar, et al when it comes to outlandish and disgraceful “compensation packages”. The man-FG-is CEO of two of the largest rip-off “Christian” organizations the world has ever seen, the BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse. His salary in 2014 for BGEA was $258,667 and in 2014 SP gave him $620,000. This before retirement, insurances, “car allowances”, etc. with no mention of the millions it takes to fly him all over the world, staying fine (5-star?) hotels and eating at where ever he dines. If this is your version of a “godly man” I’ll show myself out and expose you for the fraud that you are.

    SP and BGEA make no bones about being “non-denominational” which is slick-speak for full on ecumenical, anything goes as long as you send money. FG is found to ally himself with anyone who will agree with him on social matters, despite glaring conflicts with the Word of God that FG purports to firmly believe in and rely upon which make FG a double minded man, unstable in all his ways. So for FG, one’s beliefs (concerning the Gospel) are immaterial as long as “common ground” can be shared on the pressing social ills of our day and to him, this is a ‘sign’ of the “godliness” of which he speaks. But this belief has no basis in Scripture and actually stands opposed to it—2Cor. 6:11-18. His “resigning” from the GOP is nothing but a PR stunt as he declared himself “independent” (another PR stunt) all of which ignores 2Tim. 2:4. So which is it going to be Franklin? Will you be a ‘preacher of the Word’ (have you ever been?) or just another “political activist” with powerless rhetoric that can change nothing? If your answer is the latter, then you have nothing to offer anyone of eternal worth. Why you demand that “godly men” become active in our nation’s affairs is a direct sign that you do not believe that the God Whom you claim to love and serve is capable of delivering this nation from her sins, but somehow needs your help. The Lord is more than ‘capable’ as evidenced by the many times He delivered Israel from their oppressors, but you are leaving out the key ingredient to their deliverance—that of a humble and penitent heart. When, Mr. Graham, have you ever specified the sins of our nation before God and requested His mercy? Never? Have you ever read Daniel chapter nine and prayed as Daniel did for your own country? Would you dare innumerate the sins of America in detail before the world? If you ever do, begin with this nation’s mockery, hatred, and cursing of God since it’s inception until this day. You want to be an effective and godly man? Then be found on your face before God Almighty and not before a crowd who sings your praise or in a political office where the only thing that is gained is ego enhancement and a fat wallet.

    IF, IF, IF, America ever finds grace and mercy from the Lord it will be only because He desired it to be that way. FG is going down the same road that his dominionist buddies are on, ‘Christian political activism’ is necessary for the ‘salvation’ of America and/or the world. Utter nonsense. The only real godly men will be found on their face, in their closet, with their heart laid bare before God, making their prayers known to Him alone. God does not raise up men by the wishes of the masses or the electorate (Saul was a disaster). David was CHOSEN. The difference between the self-appointed “godly” man and a man made godly by the Lord Himself.

    • Friend December 28, 2015 at 10:14 am #

      VERY well said Darrel. We pray that God will bring repentance to this country. May He give His children the boldness to share the Gospel, pray without ceasing, and be ready for the Return of Jesus… all with a sense of urgency.

      • Lyn December 28, 2015 at 10:54 pm #

        Amen friend, amen

  3. lyn December 27, 2015 at 10:14 pm #

    Excellent comment Darrel; your boldness to expose these phonies can only be accredited to God. When those conservative ‘evangelicals’ fail to get the ‘man’ they want to be the front runner in the Presidential campaign, then they pout like a spoiled child and make threats. Graham’s decisional regeneration accursed gospel is damning to the soul, yet it is wildly popular.

    The ties of the BGEA to the RCC are enough to condemn both Franklin and his father, most of the crusades of Senior were funded by the RCC. Surely the apple does not fall far from the tree.
    From the letters of John Newton, “The whole system of my politics is summed up in this one verse, “The Lord reigns! Let the nations tremble!” Psalm 99:1
    The times look awfully dark indeed; and as the clouds grow thicker — the stupidity of the nation seems proportionally to increase. If the Lord had not a remnant here, I would have very formidable apprehensions. But He loves His redeemed children; some are sighing and mourning before Him, and I am sure He hears their sighs, and sees their tears. I trust there is mercy in store for us at the bottom; but I expect a shaking time before things get into a right channel — before we are humbled, and are taught to give Him the glory.
    The state of the nation, the state of the churches — both are deplorable! Those who should be praying — are disputing and fighting among themselves! Alas! how many professors are more concerned for the mistakes of government — than for their own sins!
    “Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns!” Revelation 19:6

    • Friend December 28, 2015 at 10:16 am #

      Amen! Thank you for bringing Psalm 99:1 to light!

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