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Elizabeth S.

My concern wasn’t specifically anything happening in my church, but mostly that no one seemed to be prepping me or bringing attention to deception in the church and Christianity. I have been in church all my life and was blown away when I stumbled across NAR through my daughter’s commitment to World Race. Unfortunately, our […]

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Why Dr. Michael Brown Has No Credibility

In 2016, Anthony Wade came down hard on Christian apologist Michael Brown for showing a stunning lack of discernment over the years. In light of  the company he keeps (see the wolves he associates with here), should we have any confidence in Dr. Brown at all? Should someone who knowingly runs with ravenous wolves be […]

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Is “Holy Fire” really something we want?

♫ “Set Your church on fire Win this nation back Change the atmosphere Build Your kingdom here We pray…” Rend Collective lyrics, “Build Your Kingdom Here” ♫ “This is a church on fire, this is the Holy Spirit flame We have a burning desire to lift up Jesus’ name Let the fire burn in every […]

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Leaving the NAR Church: Elaine’s story

“We operated in automatic writing and speaking, and spoke in tongues without interpretation. The pastor also would take the teenagers on “treasure hunts”. They would pray, receive “clues” in visions and other ways “the spirit” would tell them, then go out into the city and find their targets.”  -Elaine I have received several additional “Leaving […]

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The Irrelevant Christine Caine … A Dingo Ate My Legacy?

Ed Stetzer is a prominent evangelical with considerable credibility.  But when it comes to spiritual things Stetzer has shown time and time again that he lacks discernment.  If he had an ounce of spiritual discernment would he spend his valuable time interviewing Word of Faith pastrix Christine Caine regarding her new partnership with Wheaton College, […]

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