Enemies of the State


“The church must stand opposed to the new sexual revolution,” says Todd Pruitt, contributor on Mortification of Spin.  “We must not pretend that we can afford to ride out the storm. We must ride into the eye of the thing. We do this for the glory of God who is being openly mocked by human creatures supposing themselves to be sovereign. We do this for the sake of sinners who are choosing to imbibe the very poison that is killing them. We do this for the sake of our children who are the primary targets of the new, federally backed revolutionaries.”

Gird your loins, brethren.  The Left is out for blood.

Pruitt writes:

David and Goliath 2

My mind boggles over both the swiftness and comprehensiveness of the new sexual revolution. It is a revolution that has as one of its goals the complete overthrow of Scripture’s teaching on the nature of humanity and the sexual boundaries which are vital to human health and flourishing.

Today brought news that the Obama Administration, finding free time between battling international terrorism and record-breaking under employment has issued a decree to our nation’s public schools: Conform or else.

The following guidelines explaining the new “obligations” of public schools are from the joint report issued by our nation’s departments of Justice and Education:

• Respond promptly and effectively to sex-based harassment of all students, including harassment based on a student’s actual or perceived gender identity, transgender status or gender transition;
• Treat students consistent with their gender identity even if their school records or identification documents indicate a different sex;
• Allow students to participate in sex-segregated activities and access sex-segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity; and
• Protect students’ privacy related to their transgender status under Title IX and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

As you can see, there is no sitting out this revolution. You will be made to care. The new revolution’s battle for our children’s minds and allegiance now has the formal support of the state. The culture war has been brought into the living rooms of every household. The report from the Obama Administration makes clear that any school which does not comply with the rules of the new sexual revolution will face the retaliation of the Federal Government.

The indispensable Rod Dreher issued the following words last evening:  “My government is the enemy of my church and my family. It has come to that. I figured it would one day. But not so soon.”

The implications of the new sexual revolution are much broader than what is happening in our schools. Christians are already being targeted by the state for not agreeing to add their labors and talents to the solemnizing of homosexual weddings. What will surely increase rapidly is the social and economic ostracism of Christians. Christians will increasingly be denied professional advancement, educational opportunities, and participation in public life on the basis that they refuse to accept the new moral insanity.  Continue reading


Bathrooms are just the beginning: a scary look into the trans movement’s end goals

The Moral Revolutionaries Present Their Demands: Unconditional Surrender By Albert Mohler

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7 Responses to Enemies of the State

  1. Faith May 23, 2016 at 4:03 pm #

    In one sense, this is what happens in society when the church takes a nap. (in a society where Christianity had an upper hand at least)
    On the other hand, it is a fallen world and until Jesus brings the Kingdom (which only He can do) and restores all things to a pre-fall state, we will be living in an evil and sinful world and there simply are not enough of us to counter that. The devil has temporary control so that is no shocker (1 John 5; 19, Luke 4, Matthew 4; kingdoms of the world, etc.). We can try to be salt and it helps, but it only goes so far, and no, we won’t (can’t) change the world. We can make a small dent, be a witness, let our light shine, be a good example. So keeping it all in perspective, practically it boils down to a few items.
    1) We cannot control what goes on around us. 2) But we are the only ones who control what goes on within us and how we think, what we say, how we act based upon that. That is our territory. 3) We are not to yield to anything that contradicts the Word of God. That is where we put our foot down and say no. This is usually where the bewilderment comes in, so let me offer an example. I read a lot of stories of what the early Christians went through. (see Foxe’s Book of Martyrs). Christians in the U.S. have been softened up and are not prepared for what is to come, worst of all they are not prepared to respond correctly. Well, there are many, many accounts of persecution against the early church (and throughout history). Often it came from those in power, and it always involved some sort of ‘demand’ that Christians denied their faith in some way, either to renounce Christ, or by an act such as sacrificing to an idol, a pagan ‘god,’ or some word or deed that was against their faith. It was not a ‘suggestion.’ Now again, no one can make you do anything. No one can force you against your will. You literally can’t do anything without your own consent to do it. But all the pressure was there to comply, all the threats of jail, torture, death, etc. were there. But, that is still not force, because they cannot force you. They were offered the ultimatum that if they ‘just did it’ they could go free. Why was that little denial so important, that it all hung on that? Because it DOES all hang on that. Jesus said in Matthew 10: 32-33 that if we confess Him publicly, He will confess us before the Father, but if we deny Him publicly, He would DENY us before the Father. That folks, is set in stone without fine print below it. And, the devil knows it and has used that throughout history. Anyway, most Christians stood their ground (Praise God!) and did not deny their faith in Jesus. And yes, many did suffer endless things. That is how we get all the stories of faithful and loyal martyrs of the Christian faith who have gone on into glory. That is how we got the Bible that we have today. That is what Jesus said would happen; if they persecuted Him, surely they will persecute us! It is not for any one of these glorious martyrs that I am sad. All my pity is for those who denied Him instead, for they are the ones who need it, and every ounce of pity.
    I know people come with every brand of theology on these comment sections. But all I want to get across to you today is this: Make 100% sure that your theology lines up with Matthew 10; 32-33, and that you are ready to suffer for your loyalty to the Lord. Otherwise, it is time to surrender and let the Lord get your priorities in order. I say that out of love. The time is short. This is just the calm before the storm and the storm is coming, it is big, and it is not going away. In fact, I think the calm is almost over. There is one hymn written by a martyr that goes like this:

    “I have decided to follow Jesus;
    No turning back, no turning back.
    Though I may wonder, I still will follow;
    No turning back, no turning back.
    The world behind me, the cross before me;
    No turning back, no turning back.
    Though none go with me, still I will follow;
    No turning back, no turning back.
    Will you decide now to follow Jesus?
    No turning back, no turning back.”

    The world behind me, the cross before me. No turning back.
    That is our walk when following Jesus.
    Love and blessings.

    • nannette May 23, 2016 at 7:08 pm #

      Amen Faith! No turning back.

    • Lyn May 24, 2016 at 7:09 pm #

      Amen Faith, well said. I read another post that also had a sense of urgency – https://thelasthiker.wordpress.com/2016/05/24/press-on-towards-christ/

      We need to be watchful and ready, we need to pray for God to prepare us for what’s to come. Too many are so wrapped up in trying to make right all that is wrong, and as you stated, we simply cannot, nor are we called to. Christ IS coming….do we really believe this?

  2. Faith May 23, 2016 at 4:10 pm #

    Also, the martyrs did not respond with hitting back, fighting, or with guns and ammo. I’m not saying you can never fire a gun. But this is a battle waged on a different level, in the spiritual places. You cannot win by muscle, strife, or anger. You can only overcome by dying to self and loving your enemies and carrying your cross in the face of persecution. But you will be in good company. Before you went all the martyrs of the last 2 millenia. Before them and us went the Lord Jesus Himself. That is our model to follow. That is not how you lose. That is how you win.

    • Manny1962 May 24, 2016 at 9:34 am #

      Again, amen! So many think this is a political fight, they’re so mistaken on every level!

  3. Manny1962 May 23, 2016 at 9:58 pm #

    Amen Faith! Rightly said! This is how we are to respond! Living a godly life to shame the enemies of the cross! Caesar cannot make you do anything. How many brothers and sisters are being martyred everyday in the Middle East for the name of Jesus Christ? Homosexuality is the new normal, insidious and antichristian to the hilt, look at how prominently it is linked with judgement in scripture. I’m not perturbed by its propagation in the culture, what irks me to no end are those pastors that approve of it, scandalously allow it in the congregations and admonish the sheep to accept it!

  4. Faith May 26, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

    Amen Manny, Lyn, and others!
    Thanks, I also look at the Last Hiker and have comments there. ( :

    Glad we are on the right road here. So many distractions to detour the sheep everywhere. The goal is to run the race to win and right into Jesus’ arms on the other side. That finish line is all that matters. There are many things to do as believers to help, but the danger enters when people lose focus. We cannot turn the apostasy titannic around, but we can get people into lifeboats if they listen.

    The churches follow caesar. The churches followed hitler. They all sold out. The sheep follow Jesus. He knows the way. Follow Him!

    There are so many wolves out there now, but this has gone on earlier too, it’s just worse now, accelerating. I remember 25 years ago hearing one wolf (who is notorious now) making a distinction between ‘Christians’ and ‘disciples’. Another bait for those who want an easy street. Only the Bible states the contrary:

    “The disciples were first called Christians at Antioch.” Acts 11; 26
    All disciples are Christians. There are no Christians who are not disciples. Without getting into Venn diagrams, the text says that Christian was another name given to disciples. Similar examples abound, but take names given to people in places. Like ‘Aussie’ or ‘Yankee’. It was a new name given to people already in an area, so if you are an Australian you are also an ‘Aussie,’ and there is no way to be an Aussie while not being an Australian. So all Christians are disciples because Christian is simply another name given to disciples. (for Venn diagram types, the intersection is both circles superimposed entirely with one on top of the other; Christian and Disciple). The point is: We are all disciples if we are Christians. Are you walking the walk? There are no “get out of jail free” cards here.
    “We must endure many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” Acts 14; 22
    God bless you!
    ( :