Ignatian Spirituality Conference: Jesuits call for the contemplative silence



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“We need the ability to become ourselves silence, emptiness, an open space that the Word of God can fill, and the Spirit of God can set on fire for the good of others and of the Church.” – Father General Adolfo Nicolás, SJ

The Ignatian Spirituality Conference of the Jesuits will begin on July 17, and will take place at St. Louis University. According to Jesuits.org News Detail, “The 2015 conference is inspired by repeated calls from Jesuit Father General Adolfo Nicolás for the Society of Jesus to ‘recover a spirit of silence.’ Twenty workshops will give participants forums to discuss practical challenges in their fields of ministry, as well as topics of common interest such as the Examen, the practice of spiritual writing and the spirituality of Pope Francis.” [1]

The report also states, “Keynote presentations will explore the significance of silence in the history, traditions and theology of Jesuit spirituality.” [2]

The Jesuits, like other Catholic orders, have a long history of contemplative prayer, a practice that opens one to spiritual deception and pulls one away from Christ. Contemplative prayer can addle and alter theology.

This practice of emptying the mind and entering the deceptive silence is now rampant in the Protestant Church thanks in part to people like Richard Foster, Tim Keller (See video) and Steve Brown. (Read)

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Source: My Word Like Fire

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