Rob Bell returns: His thoughts on creation, modern “Kingdom of God”


Former Mars Hill pastor Rob Bell, who now has his own TV show on the Oprah channel, brought his “Everything is Spiritual” tour to Grand Rapids. During his one man show, Bell offered his convoluted version of the creation story, which of course has nothing to do with what the Bible teaches on creation. No surprise there, as long ago Bell rejected the inerrancy of Scripture and embraced the view of Christianity taught by Emergent Church apostates. During the show, Bell passed on this “truth” to his audience: “You are just a pile of dust and yet you can hope and dream and feel compassion and love. You are crammed full of something called spirit. You are an exotic cocktail of dust, soul, bone and spirit.”

MLive has the report:

Rob Bell“In the beginning,” Rob Bell said, “was a point.” That point of energy went bang and, over some 13 billion years of “ongoing creation,” particles bonded to become more complex atoms, which bonded to become more complex molecules, which bonded to become more complex cells, which bonded to become human beings.

Now, the spiritual inertia of the universe tugs at humankind to sustain that pattern of evolution, Bell said Wednesday, July 29, at The Intersection in downtown Grand Rapids.

“What, my brothers and sisters, is pulling the whole thing forward into greater complexity and depth and unity and inclusion?” Bell asked. “The thing (Jesus) kept talking about was the ‘kingdom of God.’ This is what he was talking about.”

The founding pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church who moved to California three years ago, Bell came back to Grand Rapids to reprise an “Everything is Spiritual” speaking tour that he first did a decade ago. Talking about atoms rather than the biblical Adam, Bell gave a fast-paced, often comical sketch of the history of the universe, with frequent interjections of pop-culture references to music, movies and dancing Super Bowl sharks.

Dismissing secular and churchy viewpoints, Bell said humanity is hard-wired over billions of years of evolution to progress toward greater equality and unity.

“What those first Christians kept talking about was something called the body of Christ,” he said. “Whenever we move towards each other, it helps move the whole thing forward to an unimaginable future.

“What is the thing we are being invited to create?”  Continue reading



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One Response to Rob Bell returns: His thoughts on creation, modern “Kingdom of God”

  1. Jasper Dale September 6, 2015 at 10:06 pm #

    Rob Bell truly scares me. I wonder how many 20 something kids brought up in the church watching his NOOMA videos (with the full approval of their pastors), are going to just soak up all his heretical teachings.

    Years ago, godly Christians WARNED pastors that this guy was not to be trusted. They were labeled as Pharisees and being “too judgmental”. Now, the fruit from his rotten trees are being eaten by millions of young people who have walked away from the church……..straight into the arms of satan.