What could be wrong with learning to “hear God’s voice”?

In this blog post, Holy Pivec of Spirit of Error shares some of the highly unbiblical teaching that’s coming out of the apostate New Apostolic Reformation and is being taught to young and old alike. Sadly, many pastors and church leaders are biblically illiterate; thus they’re feeding their sheep unsound theology, even heresy, as evidenced in Pivec’s piece.  As a result of biblical illiteracy in the visible Church, more and more professing evangelicals are embracing Roman Catholic mysticism….which allegedly brings people to a place where they can experience God in a whole new way.  One way of doing this is through contemplative prayer.

Recently we posted a piece entitled How Does God Speak to Me Today?” by Tim Challies. We agree with Tim’s view.

So with this background in mind, Holy Pivec reveals why some folks teach that God is a “chatterbox”…
Prayer - Fervent

Recently I heard about a Christian youth conference in Anchorage, Alaska, called Fusion, that drew more than 800 teenagers and church youth workers from across the state. In addition to performances by nationally known music artists, the conference featured “training classes” on a variety of topics to help students grow in their faith. Two of these classes promised to teach them “how to hear God’s voice.” This concerned me because I know this is a common New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) teaching used to initiate people into their worldview.

The problem with learning to hear God’s voice, in the NAR manner, is that people are being taught to turn to a subjective impression instead of the objective truth of God’s Word. As an example of this type of teaching, I share this link to an audio recording of a talk titled “Hearing God’s Voice.” It was given recently at Tree of Life Church in Palmer, Alaska, and is representative of similar talks being given at churches throughout the nation.

During this particular talk, the speaker, Shannon Johnson, leads attendees in a series of “activation” exercises–i.e., activities designed to help individuals learn how to hear God speak to them directly. The audio is lengthy, so I’ve noted time stamps where specific teachings begin alongside my comments about those teachings. I didn’t list everything I’m concerned about, but just brief highlights. There’s a lot more that’s disturbing in this audio than I will mention here.

God the ‘chatterbox’

00:00 Johnson starts out by directing her audience to doodle on the table they’re seated at to or write on a piece of paper what they hear God saying to them. Sharpies, crayons, and markers are provided for this purpose.

06:56 Johnson explains that the key to a relationship with God is talking with him, and especially listening to him. This is because he loves them and desires to talk with them. In fact, God talks so much, according to Johnson, that her favorite name for him is “Mr. Chatterbox.” Ways he speaks, in addition to Scripture, include audibly and through dreams, colors, music, the senses of taste and smell, “words of knowledge,” and “prophetic words.”  Continue reading

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2 Responses to What could be wrong with learning to “hear God’s voice”?

  1. Maggie August 15, 2016 at 6:47 pm #

    The visible church is inebriated with these practices, and it’s especially upsetting to see non-discerning adults teaching impressionable youth in ways of the occult. It’s not just the NAR doing this but also popular children’s spiritual formation curriculum teaches kids to expect to hear God’s voice in the silence.

  2. Manny1962 August 16, 2016 at 9:02 am #

    That practice sounds like demonic automatic writing! Funny, the apostles didn’t use markers and papers to doodle while waiting for the demon “chatterbox” to contact them! These fools are playing with fire! And the shame is they’re getting kids and undiscerning Christians to follow in this demonic practice!

    Remember the devilish “A Course In Miracles?” That was transmitted to its new age, false Christian author the same way! The demon would impersonate Jesus or angels, supremely dangerous, demonic and to be shunned! Same as what these people are advocating, stay away from that!

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