November 8th: Spiritual Warfare

Dr. Peter Jones of truthXchange is talking about the upcoming election, of course. Tuesday Americans will head to the polls to cast their vote for a presidential candidate that some voters feel is the “lesser of the two evils.” Dr. Jones reminds us that “This election is about more than politics. Perhaps, like never before, it is about spiritual warfare.” Many of us recall when it was all over the news that First lady Hillary Clinton “held imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi as a therapeutic release.” Occultist Jean Houston, co-founder of the Foundation for Mind-Being Research, a group that studies the psychic experience and altered and expanded consciousness, worked with Mrs. Clinton at the White House as an adviser and was dubbed “Hillary’s Guru.” Dr. Jones worries that “Electing a president highly influenced by such [occult] thinking would have serious spiritual implications for the country and the Church.”

Dr. Jones is concerned enough about Hillary Clinton’s occult proclivity to warn the Church about it.  He writes:

spiritual warfareAs America draws near to the important act of voting, there are some spiritual details we might miss. When, in the first century, Paul wrote to the Christians in Ephesus, the culture was dominated by the worship of the goddess Artemis. A kind of Mother Nature served by galli (homosexual priests), she symbolized human autonomy from the Creator and represented the universal worship of Nature.

Acts 19 gives us a sense of the spiritual state of Ephesus and so helps us as we consider our present situation. Architecturally impressive, Ephesus was full of sorcerers, witches and astrologers, who practiced occult magic arts. The Goddess stood at the center of this life, her temple one of the Seven Wonders of the World. As the antithesis to the God of the Bible, she represented fertility, the eternal return to the earth every spring of natural life. Artemis, often associated with the Egyptian goddess Isis, was worshiped both as the sustainer of the physical universe, and also as the goddess of the underworld. She was, therefore, the source of occult spirituality. In other words, in Ephesus, we see a direct face-off between the Goddess/creation/the Lie and God/the Creator/the Truth (Romans 1:25).

In our time of renewed spiritual paganism Isis/Artemis is back. Meet Jean Houston. Continue reading

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  1. Manny1962 November 4, 2016 at 4:26 pm #

    I’m sorry, but what does spiritual warfare have to do with this? God appoints kings and removes kings. Look back at history during Israel’s preeminence, how did she sin against her Creator? She asked for a king, you can count on your hands how many good kings she had, and they followed God most of the times, the rest were so pagan and anti-God that it eventually led to the downfall of Israel, as predicted by the prophets.

    America is not the recipient of God’s promises to Israel, and unlike the apostate, heretical NAR would have you believe, America nor the church has replaced Israel. Israel’s kings were used as a judgement against her, she replaced The Holy King, Creator of the universe for mere men. In a few generations, the Romans stepped in as the final judgement and began the diaspora of the Israelites. A miracle on May 14, 1948 saw the rebirth of Israel as foretold, if there was ever an indication God’s stopwatch was ticking it was then, as no prophecy could proceed without physical Israel being in her place, sorrounded by her enemies wanting to destroy her.

    America was blessed at one time, I believe this country began well, honoring God, sending out more missionaries than any other nation before it, when Israel came to be again, this country was the only one supporting her. Remember what God told Abraham…..he who curses you, I will curse and he who blesses you I will bless. Slowly the erosion of biblical truths, the sexual revolution, abortion made law of the land in 1973, God out of the school system, God out of government, massive deception and apostasy ravaging what was once called Christianity. Today we have the Warren’s, Hybels, Wagners, Osteens, and the money preachers on TBS, we have Chruchianity running headlong into Rome in an ecumenical suicide jump over a cliff, secular and “religious” youth are virtually indistinguishable following the dictates of their minds.

    Whichever leader we get, Trump or Clinton, it will ultimately fulfill God’s perfect plan, neither candidate is worthy of leadership. I say this with a heavy heart, there is no left or right, that is a sham, hacked emails showing the corruption, collusion and thievery between “government,” Wall Street, corporate America, and the fake news cabal (90% of American news outlets are owned by 6 corporations, whose CEOs sit on diverse Wall Street boards.) vote if you will with a clear conscience, BUT don’t let any so called “Christian” guilt you into participating, this is a personal decision. This country has turned its back on God, the massive defection and apostasy is historical. Neither Trump nor Clinton will do anything to curtail the evil in this country. Who does the bible say is in control of this Earth? The prince of the power of the air, his minions are all over the world doing his bidding, and foolishly and to their demise this fits I with The Judge’s plan, which will ultimately lead to their place in hell along with the antichrist. So vote if you will, but remember what the book of Revelation says will be the ultimate outcome! We see Mystery Babylon coming together as Rome and Protestantism merge and coalesce into an abomination that will ultimately worship the antichrist, we see the nations aligning as foretold by the prophets, we see Israel back in her place, sorrounded and hated by the world. This country has turned against Israel, favoring her enemies, this country is in the throes of judgement, same for the rest of world, birth pangs are picking up speed! Wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in divers places, ethnic strife, the world restructuring to bring a single world government to fruition! Just like Babylon and Nimrod……….. Maranatha! I do not know how much time we have left, but it’s not much!

    • Molly November 4, 2016 at 5:35 pm #

      Great comment Manny! Did you know that the Billion Soul Network (AKA Global Church Network or Global Pastors Network) clearly states as part of its vision that the network is “synergizing our efforts to bring back the King”?!! Amy has written an article on their Synergize 2016 Conference: There is another conference planned for 2018; their slogan is “Where the Global Church Gathers to Save the World”. One of the global hubs for Billion Soul Network is Hillsong Church; that’s a red flag all on it’s own!! So many Christian organizations are part of this network. The extent of the apostasy is just mind boggling!!!

    • Edwitness November 5, 2016 at 9:09 pm #

      Great stuff Manny1962,
      We are truly seeing the end of days.

      • Manny1962 November 5, 2016 at 9:28 pm #

        Good evening Ed! Yes brother we surely are!

        There are so many things coming together so fast it spins my head! If we focus on one aspect of these evil days, we miss the big picture! It’s political, religious and economical! As foretold by the prophets! We are so close! I might be wrong, and I’m not one to be given over to “feelings,” but this election will be pivotal, but not why people think…… is my OPNION, that whoever wins will be a trigger to set off the circumstances that will reveal the man of sin.

  2. Manny1962 November 4, 2016 at 8:32 pm #


    Jack HayfordThe Billion Soul movement believes that every church, regardless of its size, and every Christian, whether known or unknown, can add value to the entire Body of Christ. The Billion Soul movement is not exclusive but inclusive.

    Cynics say, “The Billion Soul vision is far too big.” No, the vision is not too big but too small. Jesus Christ did not die for a percentage, but for the whole world. He did not die for just the Second Billion but for all 6.5 billion people on earth. Let’s win them all!

    A billion is too big to ignore and too big to do alone. If we are to finish the Great Commission, we cannot care who gets the credit, as long as God gets the glory. We must move from “Me” to “We” if “They” will ever hear about “Him.” The Billion Soul is not about egos and logos, but about souls, souls and souls, souls.”

    Sounds wonderful, till you read between the lines! Ecumenical! No doctrine, no repentance, no brokenness, it’s all about the numbers and I bet the money, think about it one dollar per soul…… billion dollars, sounds like the Clinton Foundation.

  3. Manny1962 November 4, 2016 at 8:36 pm #

    “Why A Billion Graph–The overarching goal of the Billion Soul movement is to shorten the time needed to finish the Great Commission by centuries. By 2042, there will be more than nine billion on this planet. The Billion Soul movement is about doubling the size of the global church and getting ahead this explosive population curve. If we do not collectively act now, it will take several more centuries to fulfill the Great Commission. Together, we will make it more difficult each day for a person to go to hell, and help save billions from being eternally lost.

    Our generation may not see the Great Commission completed, but the Church will be positioned to fulfill the Great Commission by 2100 AD. For the first time in history, it is possible for today’s preschool children – our children and grandchildren – to live long enough to witness the Gospel being preached to every person”

    They’re date setting! How do they know when God’s plan ends this age, instead of saying “if The Lord allows,” but NO! Oh we’re going to do this!

  4. Manny1962 November 4, 2016 at 8:40 pm #

    “”The Holy Spirit has placed a billion souls in people’s hearts worldwide. On a snowy February 18, 2001, at 2:30 in the afternoon, the Holy Spirit whispered to me to call a renowned Christian leader. I immediately placed the call while driving my car home in Springfield, Missouri.

    “This is James Davis,” I told Charleton, his assistant, “and this call is an 8.7 out of 10 on the Richter Scale.” Within an hour, this distinguished leader called and asked, “James, what is on your heart?” I told him my burden for pastors worldwide. Through my evangelistic work, I had learned that more than 90% of all ministers worldwide have no formal education. Tens of thousands drop out of ministry each year. And nearly every week I was with another great pastor, listening to the challenges he faced.””

    So another Holy Spirit led enterprise. “90%of all ministers worldwide have no formal education.” When was that a biblical prerequisite to be called by God to teach His word?

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